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Bespoke Fabrication Projects

Bespoke Fabrication

> Designed, Supplied & Installed throughout the UK.

It's why our motto is "Bespoke as Standard"

Unique projects and unusual engineering challenges are at the very heart of our business. Although we offer a wide range of pre-existing solutions, our core business is and always has been; producing bespoke items that are designed to meet the precise requirements of our clients. This is what we are renowned for and why our level of repeat business is so high.

It is the combination of our expert designer team, outstanding engineers and unrivaled level of capabilties that enables our team to produce almost anything in metal you can dream of. Our design and specification process not only provides 3D representations of your project but also allows for very precise estimating, meaning that even though your project is one of a kind, we're able to provide extremely accurately prices and timescales for delivery.

We work with private individuals, architects, local government sectors, construction firms and commercial clients. For architects or customers who already have a design spec in place, we are quick to provide accurate estiamtes and feedback.

To find out how Urban Street Designs can assist in the design and manufacture of your bespoke timber and metalworks, make contact with us today. Telephone: 01282 507656 or Email: [email protected]

Case Studies

Recent examples workmanship with Planters & Edging.

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Project Description

RHS Malvern Diabetes Garden

This year Urban Street Designs were asked to be a part of Garden designers Karen Tatlow and Katherine Hathaway’s, from Karen Tatlow Garden Designs and Lark Hall Studios, entry into the RHS Malvern Spring Festival with Mike Lote from MJL Garden Design as the Contractor. The Garden was designed in support of Diabetes UK and was showcased in the aim to raise awareness of the illness, in the end winning a Silver Guilt, Best Construction Award and the Peoples Choice Award.

We manufactured the central feature piece, an almost elliptical water feature with 2 differing radiused edges. These were key to the setting out of the gardens sweeping paths that represented the journey of a diabetes sufferer, we were able to capture these exactly using our CAD/CAM software and laser cutting machine. Working alongside Fountains and Features Ltd, who specified the components required and the inner workings, we also drew up and manufactured a suitable cover plate to hide all the internal piping. The fountain was 600mm tall overall allowing it to be buried below ground so that the finished floor levels could be differing on both sides, helping to create a stepped look which was another key design component.

Various lengths of steel tubes were welded along the centre of the water feature in order to depict a graph that referenced actual readings of a diabetics blood sugar levels. We also manufactured separate stand alone graphs which were planted into the top of the hedges surrounding the Garden.

In order to give the Garden a really finished look we manufactured rigid steel edging to surround the perimeter of the Garden and flexible edging to mark out the sweeping pathways and act as a retaining edge. All the metalwork was finished in a Corten inspired powder so they could have orange colour spots throughout the Garden to reference the Diabetes UK colour scheme while still keeping a natural looking environment.

At the back and central to the Garden was a stunning grey flecked porcelain tiled wall, we were asked to make an ultra slim steel edging trim that would finish the perimeter of the tiles off without detracting from them. Using a multi process powder application we achieved a one off stone effect to match the colour of the tiles from a sample section provided.

Finally we manufactured square posts to mark out a boundary with rope around the garden, also finished in the Corten inspired powder to keep the colour a continuous theme.

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Project Description

Verdo Marketing Suite

Working with Kingston Landscape Group we supplied a steel powder-coated water feature and planters to Verdo Marketing Suite, along with a fully fabricated steel Emblem and lettering that appeared to float above the water. Urban Street Designs developed the products in 3D CAD before laser cutting, folding, fabricating and powder-coating them in our factory.

We then coordinated with Fountains & Features who specified all the internal components and commissioned the water feature here at Urban Street Designs so it could be sent to site ready to go. Working to specific dimensions throughout, you can see from the images the intricate shapes and levels the planters and water feature created once installed.

Project Details

Verdo Marketing Suite

Location: Kew Bridge, Brentwood, London

Specification & Design

Whether your project is currently just a concept, or you already have the specifications in place,
our design team are able to create 3D representations of your project. Providing your with a better insight
into how you project will look and feel once complete.

To talk to us about our design and specification process, call: 01282 507656.


After the design process is complete and the specifications have been approved, payment is required before any
manufacturing can begin. Dependent on the size and scale of the project; either a deposit payment, or payment in full
will be required, occasionally we are open to pre-arranged payment schedules.
With payment always being received in full before any goods are delivered or installed.

To talk to us about our payment arrangements, call: 01282 507656.

Manufacturing & Finishing

Whatever the scale of your project, we will always keep you informed of our progress along the way.
Our engineers are reknowned for delivering projects on time and on budget. Alongside this, all projects are
details and agreed as per a specfication to ensure there can be no missunderstandings throughout this process.

To talk to us about our manufacturing and finishing processes, call: 01282 507656.

Delivery & Installation

Our products are available via direct supply throughout much of the UK.
We use the same delivery companies each time to maintain a high level of quality and customer service.
We can also advise on, suggest and coordinate with specialist installation firms - overseeing installations when requited.

To talk to us about our delivery and installation processes, call: 01282 507656.

Please ensure you have included a telephone number. We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

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